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Shenzhen hongfuya trade co.,ltd. Main products: anti-cutting gloves, gloves, barbecue, locomotive movement (leather, sheepskin, deerskin gloves), touch gloves, winter gloves, gloves. Is an independent procurement of raw materials, design and production of manufacturers. At present, mainly in Huizhou has more than 1 thousand square meters of production plant, staff of 100 people. Shenzhen Southern China City Office, responsible for the company's management and sales work; mainly exported to Europe, the United States and other countries; certification support: CE\ 420, 388 international certification; now the domestic market and sales increase steadily, the highly acclaimed. We want to do a quality product, casting aozhe OZERO brand, take care of your hands, welcome all friends to visit the guide, to discuss cooperation!

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Certification support:CE\420、388Certified

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